NDIS Support Coordination Geelong

I am often asked how participants can use their core budget, so I thought I’d list a few things.

The purpose of the Core Budget is designed to assist participants to complete tasks of daily living

Things that you may need assistance to do, because of your disability.

Support workers are engaged from the Core Budget to assist you with Activities of Daily Living, things like showering, dressing, and meal preparation.

Or you may need assistance with maintaining your home and garden, so a cleaner and/or gardener could be engaged.

Support for grocery shopping, running errand and other activities involved with Social and Community Participation. You can go for a coffee, browse the shops, attend a community group or your local neighbourhood house. The purpose of funding for social and community participation is to engage in your local community and participate in activities of interest.  This is sometimes referred to by providers as Community Access.

Your core budget can also  be used to purchase Consumables, which is continence products and aids.  I would suggest you shop around for these, there are a  lot of online suppliers, who will deliver to your door, either regularly or as needs.

Core budget can also include AT funding, which is assistive technology.  In the core budget AT funding is for Level 1 and 2, which are low cost. A few things that come under this category are kitchen aids, like adaptive cutlery, aids to open containers or assist you to dress or dry yourself, aids to help you manage around the house, and in the community.

And then there’s Transport funding, this is primarily used for taxi’s, or to pay to get you to appointments, work or other places that assist you to achieve your goals.

In addition to this, when preparing your budget, keep in mind that providers charge a travel component when they assist you with Social and Community Participation, the fee is capped at 0.85c per km.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to send me a message if you need further assistance.

This is my short video if that is easier for you.

Have a great day.