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Safe Solutions Care is a small business specializing in Support Coordination for NDIS Participants, servicing Geelong, the Surf Coast, Ballarat, and Colac and South West Victoria.

Sue, the founder of the company, has over 30 years of history in the health sector, is currently a registered nurse with higher qualifications and a passion for helping people.  Sue prides herself on an individual approach for each of her clients to meet their needs.

Safe Solutions Care offers Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination to NDIS Participants.

Safe Solutions Care provides services that assist people in understanding their NDIS plan and help people to develop the skills they need to put that plan into practice on a daily basis. Part of our role is to work with people to ensure they have access to all of the different types of support they need, allowing them to establish and maintain relationships with other people and their community.

Safe Solutions Care also offers Specialist Support Coordination. Specialist Support Coordination offers a comprehensive level of support for people whose situations are more complex and who need specialist support. This level of support is designed to assist people in managing the challenges that come with having multiple support channels, allowing them to receive the amount of support they need on a consistent basis.

Safe Solutions Care is happy to see clients in their homes in the following areas:


Sue Rittymer - Support Co-ordinator
Our mission

We want your experience with us to feel like you are family, you matter and your care needs are important. We value you and want to make a difference.

NDIS Support Coordination

Over the years, Sue has developed many professional contacts in various health care specialties and utilises these relationships to assist clients. We all share the same passion to help people.

Professionally, Sue is a Registered Nurse, Mental Health Nurse, and Clinical Counsellor, with experience in community care, mental health rehabilitation, case management and acute care.

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