Changes to NDIS Support Coordination

I am sure everyone is aware that the NDIS is making changes to many things across the framework and we know this is a very stressful time for participants and providers.  We are working in this space because we are passionate about what we do, and we genuinely care about what happens to participants during this transition.

As the NDIS makes changes to the structure around support coordination, I urge you all to keep calm and carry on as they say.

For us it is business as usual and you will continue to be supported with your plan, services and providers.

We are well versed with change as it is a frequent occurrence within the NDIS across most aspects so we will adapt and change
as needed when the time comes while working together with the LAC’s will ensure that you are set up to continue to thrive
and get the best from your plan!

We will be adding new services to enable us to continue to operate within the NDIS framework and look forward to sharing this information with you as our plans progress.

While the path forward is unknown, and may be a little rocky, we are  excited to be able to have the flexibility, knowledge and experience within our team to be able to confidently navigate these changes and know we can continue to provide an individualised, face-to-face service to NDIS participants.


Please be sure to reach out to us, your network and trusted people if these changes are causing you distress and uncertainty.

We want to make sure we support you to transition smoothly, once the time arrives.